Hello and welcome. My name is Craig Mitchell. I am able to provide you my unique combined experiences of 29 years business background and 10 years of operational experience as a Yacht Captain/Engineer.


I hold a business degree in Accounting and Information Technology. I also am a MCA Master < 3000GT and I am now working towards completing my surveying qualification in Yacht & Small Craft Marine Surveying with the International Institute of Marine Surveyors.


I worked in many roles in my 29 years in business both in finance and in IT. I started my career as a trainee accountant at a bank in Sydney, moved to a chartered accounting firm and then joined a multinational company which produces consumer products 365 days a year. I worked this company in Australia, UK, and the USA. During my time with the company I started out as a systems accountant looking after financial reporting solutions and ended up as Director of Information Technology. In this role I was responsible for 172 staff with an operational budget of £43 million and a capital budget of £32 million for a business that was fully automated, with 5000 IT users. In this role I was familiar with juggling many projects at the same time meeting the demands of multiple sectors of the business, each with their own set of demands and timeframes, working in a dynamic and ever changing environment, where changes to the product could and would occur on an hourly basis.


After successfully implementing the complete refreshment of the infrastructure and core user systems on time and on budget without loss of any production cycles, I moved onto the role of Director of Operations responsible for IT and Production on a global basis with IT centres in London, Hong Kong and Paris and production operations in 32 countries.


At 44 years of age I felt I had achieved as much as I wanted to in this profession and was looking for a new and exciting challenge in a different field. I had been a sailor since I was 16 years of age, when I first set foot on a Hobiecat in Sydney Harbour. I have owned small sailing yachts and crewed on larger ones, during my time working in business, so when I learned about the professional yachting industry I felt this was an opportunity for me to have a new challenge by turning a hobby into a new profession.


Ten years ago, I started off as a RYA Yacht Master Ocean, working on smaller sailing and motor yachts as a captain/engineer where I taught myself electrics, hydraulics and general engineering. I worked my way up to an MCA Master < 3000GT CoC running large private and charter vessels as a hands on Captain for the last five years in Europe, South East Asia, Caribbean, South and East Coast of the United States.


In this period I have negotiated price and project managed many refits, implemented maintenance programs, created mini ISM’s, dealt with flag states and classification societies, management companies, reflagging of vessels, changes of use from private to commercial registration and vice versa, presenting yachts for sale and charter in yacht shows, crew management, budget management and financial reporting.


I found in my ten years of running and managing the yachts that the majority of the principals I worked for were unsatisfied with one or more aspects of their yachts, ranging from the capability of the vessel, reliability of the machinery, restrictions of the flag state, running costs to crew issues, all of which could have been easily prevented if they had a full unbiased analysis of the yacht prior to purchase.


To solve this I started Mitchell Yacht Services, which brings together my years in business, my years as a leisure sailor and my years as a superyacht captain/engineer.