We offer a number of different areas of consultancy to help you in the ownership and running of your yacht. These include:-
Cost auditing. The running of a superyacht is an expensive undertaking. We can review your existing costs and determine where savings can be made. We are also able to implement a cost control accounting system from one of our affiliates to provide further controls.
Budgeting. Yachts are no different to a business. They require budgets to ensure that costs are kept under control. We will work with your captain or the heads of the various departments on board to create a budget that is both responsible and suitable for the yacht and its itinerary.
Yacht Research. We will go out to the market and our broker contacts to find you a list of yachts currently for sale or coming onto the market which fit your criteria of size, style, cruising capability and luxury.
Price negotiation.We will negotiate the best price for the purchase of a yacht as we do not take commission on the sale so our interest is to get you the best price possible. We also negotiate with shipyards and parts suppliers for the best price for your refits.
Crew placement. We are not a crew agent but work with some of the most professional crew finders in the business to find you the best crew available. We will present you with a small selection of candidates as our crew affiliates will have already selected the best candidates for the position you wish to fill. We are happy to interview each candidate before before you or your department head meets them to ensure that the people you meet are the right people.