46.63M Feadship consultant and refit project

We recently completed an interesting assignment which lasted a little over four months.


I was initially contacted by my client to act as the build captain for the construction of a 40m exploration style steel hull yacht to Bureau Veritas classification rules with a Baltic 1C ice rating.


During the work with my client it was decided that the yard that my client had considered, whilst producing some very interesting smaller yachts, was not up to the task at this stage of their development. My the client was keen to change his schedule and seek a vessel he could start to realise his cruising ambitions in this year.


My client then asked me to go to the used market and find a selection of yachts that met his list of requirements. I researched the market and presented my client with a selection of 8 vessels which I reviewed with the client. He selected 4 vessels in Europe which I visited and reported back to my client with details of the condition. I then visited the three yachts in USA and the 4 yachts in Europe with my client. He selected a 46.6m Feadship as his preferred vessel.


I then negotiated the base price with the sellers broker and organised the survey of the vessel. In the negotiation it was agreed that there would be a delayed settlement due to some pre-booked charters which would require a significant refund if cancelled.


During the time between the survey and the settlement I research the suppliers for the repairs that would be needed from the survey, plus a number of modifications the client wished to have done on the yacht. I also researched which shipyards had available capacity and facilities to achieve my clients desire to complete the refit during the winter 2016/17 period. This research resulted in the selection of a number of suppliers and a shipyard in Holland to complete the work.


Once the charters were completed I organised a short survey to ensure that nothing had changed on the vessel and represented the owner in the completion of the sale in international waters.


Finally I handed over a full set of plans to the captain briefed him on the work and provide an ongoing reference point for him if he requires it.